Stop losing subscribers that could be saved.

Learn how to reduce churn with a better offboarding process.

Offboarding Cheatsheet

Offboarding Cheatsheet

  1. Framework with the 5 steps of Offboarding
  2. Free video showing you how to use it
  3. Fillable document to share with your team

The Offboarding Cheasheet is a framework and video tutorial that teaches you to design offboarding experiences for SaaS products.

I've always thought of onboarding as a lot more important than offboarding.

I just wanted people to use my product no matter what. Onboarding helped with that. Offboarding didn't.

Then I realized that cancelling users can provide value. At an early stage perhaps even more than regular users.

I started interviewing all the users who cancelled. It was eye-opening. I was getting great feedback on a daily basis. But it took a lot of my time.

After many iterations, I designed a process to retain all the users who could be retained.

And for those who couldn't, I wanted to make sure I collected enough detail to understand the churn reason.

This framework is the end product of that process.

Table of contents

The Offboarding Cheatsheet

The Offboarding Cheatsheet includes 5 offboarding best practices + 3 examples from leading SaaS companies.

  1. 5 Offboarding Best Practices
  2. 3 Great Offboarding Examples

Reduce churn with better offboarding

Implement offboarding best practices in your SaaS product. Benefit from higher retention and collect higher-quality product feedback.