Reduce your SaaS churn

Collect feedback & save customers with better cancellation flows.

Integrated with the most popular SaaS billing tools


Cancellation Flows

Start retaining users with cancellation flows. Define custom offers dependent on their reason for leaving. Churn down, retention up!

“Raaft has been invaluable in understanding why our customers leave us, and more importantly, how to keep the ones who stay happy.”

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Product Feedback

Let customers tell you why they're leaving. Have them choose from predefined motivators and leave custom feedback. Build a better SaaS product grounded on user feedback.

“Even when we lose a customer, we know exactly why they left. Exit feedback has never been easy, but Raaft has made it simple to get and easy to understand."


Real-time Analytics

Collect all your customer data and feedback and see it in a simple dashboard.

You'll know things like:

  • Who is considering to cancel
  • Who has canceled
  • Why they have canceled
  • What offers are retaining users

Simple Design & Management

No development time: build your first cancellation flow and have it live on your site in 10 minutes.

Our cancellation flows can be managed by any member of your Customer Success or Product team.

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