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Every SaaS product needs great offboarding

    • ConvertKit
    • ScoutIQ
    • Segmetrics
    • Zenmaid
    • Hubstaff
    • Agree
Raaft savings calculator
What is your ARR (annual recurring revenue)?
What is your average user’s monthly subscription?
What’s your monthly churn rate? (avg. SaaS is ~5%)
Raaft can automatically save you: ~ $8.5k - $9.5k per year
Based on average savings from companies of a similar size without optimized cancel flows.

How much is churn costing you?

Create a simple (yet powerful) cancel flow

Churn Flow
Product Feedback

Collect insightfulproduct feedback

Save customers withconditional offers

Conditional Offers

We can build this ourselves. Why do we need Raaft?

In-house cancel flow

Design flow / integrate form
Develop custom cancel flows
Integrate payment processor
Build churn reporting
Update & maintain code
100+ hours of workConstant need for development to maintain
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Unlimited Flows
Flows per customer segment
Conditional offers
Zapier and payment integrations
Churn reporting
Product feedback
Expert advice to set up flows
FREE & Live in 30 minutesSelf service & maintain without development time

Loved by SaaS businesses worldwide

    • Raaft helps us keep customers! And even when we lose customers, we now know exactly why they left.

      Luke Chambers
      CTO at Agree
      Luke Chambers
    • Great leading indicator alerts us to customers who are "about to churn", so we can try to save them. Also, the platform has successful converted a number of almost-cancellations into downgrades. A nice win with no humans from our team needing to be involved.

      Costas Peppas
      CEO at Agent Legend
      Costas Peppas
    • Raaft has been invaluable in understanding why our customers leave us, and more importantly, how to keep the ones who stay happy.

      Turgay Birand
      CEO at Edition Guard
      Turgay Birand

3 simple steps to get started

Retention step 1
STEP 1Create an Account

Setup your account and add your subscription plans. Get template Flows per plan.

Retention step 2
STEP 2Edit your Flows

Edit, preview and share Flows with your team. Integrate Zapier and a payment processor for live notifications and automatic cancellations.

Retention step 3
STEP 3Embed the Code

Paste the code snippet on your app and you’re live! Start collecting feedback and retaining users.

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